River Rooms, Somerset House Studios
20 April

Beyond Telepathy presents an evening of new performances and discussions investigating the potential of communication without a shared language with previous Wysing residency artists Florence Peake and Essi Kausalainen.

How can we leap beyond telepathy - to respond to affinities beyond kinship, connections woven without words? What may telepathy imply in the age of omnipresent 'action at a distance' that challenges the distinctions between spiritual mediations, technological networks and material affects? The performances draw together emergent thought and embodied practices, driven by the ecological urgency to experiment with modes and meanings of co-existence for the future. The discussions will shed light into the research that has informed the performances, encouraging engagement with concepts and phenomena such as fungal symbiosis, natural computing, and energetic transference.

Beyond Telepathy includes contributions from 2016 Wysing residency artist, and now Somerset House Studios resident artist, Florence Peake, alongside 2015 Wysing residency artist Essi Kausalainen, and Jenna Sutela, amongst other contributors to be announced.

The event is curated by Taru Elfving in partnership with Wysing Arts Centre and in collaboration with Somerset House Studios and The White Building. Supported by The Finnish Institute in London.    

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