6–9 pm, Thursday 23 May

'Fuel + Property' is an online symposium comprised of mostly found footage and will be broadcast on Thursday 23 May from
6–9 pm GMT.

The symposium reflects an attempt to use agriculture as a metaphor, a way towards finding clarity about the working conditions within culture. 

Because fuel can be used in the process of performing work, and work itself is a transference of energy, the quality of what fuels any given instance of work should contain information about what we can expect to yield in any particular industry.

Fueled by content that has already been generated (where possible), this symposium contains reflections on the legal and ideological mechanisms of property, insights into what powers a performance, and assessments of the quality of possible work in the UK arts industry.

Excerpts are selected for both the content of the exposition and the characteristics of the voice delivering the message. Sonic recordings are spliced in between talks and lectures for auditory refreshment. The symposium is ultimately intended to be experienced as a gathering that doesn’t require the work of leaving the house; the invitation is to instead channel your energy toward attentive listening.

With thanks to Rowan Powell and Shenece Oretha.

New contributions from Amal Khalaf, Devin KKenny and Ima-Abasi Okon.

Contributions foraged from the previous work of Maya Angelou, Brenna Bhandar, Anne Carson, Cheryl Harris, Gail Lewis with Hortense Spillers, Marina Vishmidt.

Hosted by Taylor Le Melle with Jay Parekh.

Broadcast schedule


  • Devin KKenny, Los Giros de la Sigiente 
  • Gail Lewis and Hortense Spillers
  • Brenna Bhandar
  • Devin KKenny, Los Giros de la Sigiente
  • Maya Angelou
  • Cheryl Harris
  • Ima-Abasi Okon and Taylor Le Melle in conversation
  • Marina Vishmidt
  • Devin KKenny, Los Giros de la Sigiente 
  • Ima-Abasi Okon and Taylor Le Melle in conversation
  • Cheryl Harris
  • Ima-Abasi Okon and Taylor Le Melle in conversation
  • Devin KKenny, 'Los Giros de la Sigiente'
  • Anne Carson
  • Gail Lewis and Hortense Spillers
  • Amal Khalaf, Response


  • Devin KKenny, 'Los Giros de la Sigiente'

'Fuel + Property' is the second part of ‘False Economy’, a series of events developed by Curator in-Residence
Taylor Le Melle.

The 2019 Curator in-Residence is supported by Art Fund.


Taylor Le Melle is a curator and writer based in London who has programmed at: Serpentine Galleries, ICA London, Cafe Oto, Chisenhale Dance Space, Arcadia Missa, and Assembly Point (all London), L’IceBergues with Contrechamps Ensemble (Geneva) and McKenna Museum of Art (New Orleans). Taylor’s writing has been featured in: Art Monthly, Flash Art. Taylor was the Autumn/Winter 2018 Writer-in-Residence at Jerwood Visual Arts.

Taylor also co-runs PSS with Rowan Powell. Together they have published projects by Daniella Valz Gen, Victoria Sin and Rehana Zaman (upcoming, 2019).  Since April 2018, Taylor has been co-director of not/nowhere, an artist workers’ cooperative that hosts workshops, screenings, exhibitions and other events. not/nowhere’s mission is to ensure that local artists who use new media in their work can access film and media equipment, acquire skills to nourish their practices, and take pleasure in expressing themselves creatively.

Image credit: Image from ‘Training For Exploitation? Employability and Reclaiming Education’ by Precarious Workers Brigade, 2017