21 September - 10 November
Artists-in-residence: James Beckett, Cécile B. Evans, Michael Dean, Seb Patane
Maker-in-residence: Rupert Norfolk

Convention T, refers to logician, mathematician and philosopher Alfred Tarski (1901-1983) who applied logic to sentence structure in order to make the truth visible through language. Tarski created a structure, a meta-language, that could be applied to real, everyday, language in order to generate true statements, known as T sentences - “A and B” is true if and only if A is true and B is true translates as Snow is white if and only if snow is white.

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Convention T Residencies - Autumn 2013

James Beckett adapts found objects and items from museum storage to create sculptural arrangements and installations. His work questions the status of artefacts and the nature of collections, becoming an exploration of diverse historical themes, such as those of industrial heritage or the origins of ethnicities. Beckett was born in Zimbabwe and lives and works in Amsterdam.  He has had solo exhibitions internationally, including Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and South Africa, and has been in group exhibitions at venues such as the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Wattis, San Francisco, Dak’art - African Biennale, Dakar, GAM, Turin and The Kitchen NYC.

James Beckett

Cécile B. Evans is a Belgian-American artist who lives and works in Berlin.  Her work focuses on how contemporary society values emotion: its production, hierarchy and representation within culture.  She often sources material from science, film or the internet, and is interested in building structures with no hierarchy.  She is the 2012 recipient of the Emdash Award, which resulted in a commissioned work for the Frieze Art Fair in London. Recent exhibitions have included a solo performance at Palais de Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum, Paris, How to Eclipse the Light at Wilkinson Gallery, London, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York and Bergen Art Museum, Norway. She has a degree from New York University’s BFA Theatre program.

Interview with Cécile B. Evans on her Convention T residency, by Beth Bramich for This is Tomorrow here.

Cécile B. Evans

Michael Dean was born in Newcastle upon Tyne. Writing and the delivery of this writing into states of typographical physicality centre Dean's research into the political properties of language, pertaining to authorship and autonomy. Taking the form of writing, reading, drawing, photography, video, sculpture, installation and publication, solo exhibitions include Cubitt, London, The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, Supportico Lopez, Berlin, Herald St, London; Nomas Foundation, Rome and Kunstverein Freiburg, Germany.

Michael Dean

Seb Patane was born in Italy and lives and works in London.  His work includes drawings and adapted found imagery and objects, as well as sound, video and performance.   He is interested in ideas of history, particularly the visual outputs of political endeavours and ideas of protest.  A recent focus has been on collective gatherings. He has had solo exhibitions at China Art Objects, Los Angeles, La Kunsthalle Mulhouse, Mulhouse, Maureen Paley, London, Art Statements at Art Basel, and Art Now, Tate Britain, London. Group exhibitions include No New Thing Under The Sun, Royal Academy of Art, London, Compass in Hand: Selections from the Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawing Collection, Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Beck’s Futures, ICA London and touring.

Seb Patane

Rupert Norfolk utilises a wide range of processes, such as drawing, tapestry weaving, stone carving, airbrushing, casting and computer aided technologies. His work involves investigations into the perceptual and conceptual possibilities of concrete and depicted things. He lives and works in London and has exhibited at venues including: Museo di Santa Giula, Brescia, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, CAPC Musée d'art Contemporain, Bordeaux, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, The Saatchi Gallery, London, The Drawing Room, London, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, Kunstwerke, Berlin, and PS1, New York.

Interview with Rupert Norfolk on his Convention T residency, by Beth Bramich for This is Tomorrow here.

Rupert Norfolk