Spring Residencies: 11 March - 6 May
Artists in Residence: Anna Barham, David Osbaldeston, Charlotte Prodger and Florian Roithmayr

Convention T, refers to logician, mathematician and philosopher Alfred Tarski (1901-1983) who applied logic to sentence structure in order to make the truth visible through language. Tarski created a structure, a meta-language, that could be applied to real, everyday, language in order to generate true statements, known as T sentences - “A and B” is true if and only if A is true and B is true translates as Snow is white if and only if snow is white.

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Convention T Residencies - Spring 2013

Anna Barham studied maths and philosophy at Cambridge University before attending the Slade School of Fine Art, London.  She is interested in how meaning is constructed through language and the relationship (or not) of that to ‘truth’, and also in the unruly side of language that takes on a life of its own.  She is keen to use her residency to structure and edit a new video work first developed during a public research project at Site Gallery, Sheffield, which considers the alphabet as a potentially endless linguistic system.   Barham has presented solo projects for Art on the Underground, with Arcade at Frieze Art Fair 2012, and at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, and has taken part in group exhibitions at venues including The Drawing Room, Matt’s Gallery, Flat Time House (all London), Art Exchange, Colchester, Studio International, Leipzig and FRAC Lorraine, Metz.

Anna Barham

David Osbaldeston makes collage, drawing, re-drawing, photography, design, and printed matter, and is interested in using his residency to explore how linguistics and avant-garde language might affect our understanding of fictional realities, narrative, and the unfolding of time.  He is also interested in how information systems and diagrams provide a basis for alternative readings. Osbaldeston is represented by Matt’s Gallery, London and is currently resident at the ACME Firestation, London.  He has taken part in exhibitions at venues nationally and internationally including The Modern Institute and CCA, Glasgow, Focal Point, Southend, Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, ICA, London and EAST International, Norwich.

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Matt's Gallery

David Osbaldeston

Charlotte Prodger works with16mm film, video, writing and performance. She uses the meeting of language and technology to generate cross-associations and slippages, inviting new routes of interpretation. Source material includes YouTube videos, personal anecdotes and the legacy of structural film and queer subjectivity, which she uses to explore contradictions that arise between form and content. Prodger has had solo exhibitions at Studio Voltaire, London and CCA, Glasgow, and taken part in group projects including Frozen Lakes, Artists Space, New York and Cage Rattling commissioned by Electra and The Wire London for the John Cage Centenary at King's Place. She is the recipient of awards from Artangel and Creative Scotland, and has taken part in residencies at CALQ, Montreal and Cove Park, Rosneath.

Read Nicole Yip's article 'In Focus: Charlotte Prodger', published in Frieze March 2013,  here.

Read Charlotte Prodger's interview with Beth Bramich for This is Tomorrow, about her Convention T residency, here.

Charlotte Prodger

Florian Roithmayr was born in Germany and lives and works in London.  His work involves the presentation of hand-crafted, sculpted and cast homages to the production of objects, ranging from the wall tiles in a German subway station to the cave paintings of prehistoric man. He often refers to patterns of withdrawal, disinterest or internal retreat. Roithmayr initially trained in Germany as a set designer before studying Fine Art at Slade School of Fine Art, London, the School the Art Institute, Chicago and MA Fine Art at Goldsmiths College. He has had solo exhibitions at MOT International, London, Galerie Neue Alte Brücke, Frankfurt, Ateneum Finnish National Art Museum and Taidehalli Art Centre, Helsinki, Finland.  Group exhibitions have included Solid on our Source Planet, Wysing Arts Centre and Fifteen, S1 Artspace, Sheffield.

Interview with Florian Roithmayr and Beth Bramich, on his Convention T residency,  for This is Tomorrow, here.

Florian Roithmayr