1 March — 30 June 2009

Townley and Bradby’s work functions primarily as a framework through which others can reflect on their surroundings. This reflection is often playful and invites participation.


For their residency, Townley and Bradby spent three months living at Wysing with their children. Often working in collaboration with the children, they created an intimate portrait of the landscape and the communities around Wysing Arts Centre. They developed and tested out a variety of tactics to inhabit open spaces in and around Bourn and Cambourne, as well as making journeys across South Cambridgeshire. One event involved chalking out the swift, complicated and coordinated patterns of car parking outside the village nursery at drop-off time.

In another event Townley and Bradby took a 1.5 metre wide inflatable red ball to the edge of Cambourne. They used the ball to measure and activate fields that were to be covered with houses within the next few years.

Communities under Construction was funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Arts Council England East. With thanks to Little Hands Nursery, Nicole Simpson, Jamie Wilkes, Sally Davies, Richard and Judith Townley, Donald Bradby, Oliver Hein, Crystal Valeting Ltd, Comberton Playgroup, Trademark Collections, Robin & Isabelle, Michelle, Mark and others who helped with the Unplanned Journey, Sarah Evans