From July, artist Gustav Metzger will re-locate his home and studio to Wysing to develop a new series of works in our Live/Work studio. The Live/Work studio is a space where artists come for longer periods of time to research new work and during 2012 Jamie Shovlin occupied the studio.

Gustav Metzger

Gustav Metzger (born 1926) has close connections to the Eastern region having studied at Cambridge School of Art, lived for a time in King's Lynn and was selector of Norwich's EastInternational in 2005. Metzger is moving his home and studio to Wysing to develop new works and be in-residence during our Convention T residencies, where we will be exploring hidden systems and structures.

Metzger is a well known artist, political activist and influential thinker. His experiences as a child of Jewish origin during WWII Germany have deeply affected his work throughout his life. He came to the UK as part of the Refugee Children Movement in 1939  and in 1960s London  developed the concept of Auto-Destructive Art. Metzger continues to exhibit internationally, with a recent solo exhibition at London's Serpentine Gallery in 2009.

Over recent years Gustav has been working with artists London Fieldworks on NULL OBJECT; where a sculptural representation of his brain whilst he was 'thinking about nothing', was carved by a robot following instructions from a computer of EEG readings of his brainwaves. This extraordinary work will be exhibited in Cambidge in the spring 2014.

Read an interview between Gustav Metzger and curator and writer Mark Godfrey in Freize Magazine, issue 108, from 2007, here.