Autumn 2005

Juneau Projects (Phil Duckworth and Ben Sadler) were in-residence during autumn 2005 during which time they developed a computer game based on locations around Wysing and some of the people the two met during their residency.

The residency culminated in the gallery exhibition The Black Moss which had been organised by Ikon Gallery and which at Wysing included the new work that had been developed here entitled Beneath the floorboards of the forest, empty space. The Black Moss explored a range of themes including our daily reliance on electronic, hi-tech items; the darker side of nature, akin to the Romantic tradition whereby nature inspires both awe and terror; music and wish fulfilment and identification with pop stars by adolescents!

The exhibition included a live performance by Juneau Projects on 27 May 2006 which took the form of tribute to two imagined bands: compositions written by young people alongside the artists’ own compositions.