5 November - 14 December 2014

Five artists have been invited to be in-residence at Wysing for six weeks during late autumn/early winter 2014. They are:

Olivier Castel, Julia Crabtree & William Evans, Jesse Darling and Alice Theobald.

All the artists will be making new work which will be presented at Wysing in 2015. In the meantime, keep up to date with events related to the residencies via Facebook, Twitter and our e-bulletin.

The Future Residencies

Olivier Castel has presented work under thirty different identities since 2001, each of which is associated with a different body of work, whilst also sporadically appearing under his own name. He uses ephemeral or temporal forms – primarily projection, light, surface, text and audio – as a set of propositions to explore the process by which an idea, space, image, or thought is made visible. Recent solo exhibitions include Fountain, Ibid, London, 2014, a staging of the unrealised feature film Le Moine, 1970, by Luis Buñuel; The Back of an Image, Rowing, London, 2013, a room with a computer-controlled moving light programmed to reproduce Castel’s handwriting, tracing text across the walls from poems, texts and doodles, intermittently repeating the phrase, ‘a film without images’; and Imaginary lives/Eight hearts, Hayward Gallery, London, 2012.

Olivier Castel

Julia Crabtree and William Evans have worked together for the last nine years in what they describe as an ‘experiment in shared subjectivity’. Their work is rooted in making sculpture as art work, prop, or tool within a larger process, to create installation, video, print and performance. Recent work explores what happens to objects and images when they are put through a digital blender – via scanning, CGI, virtual staging and simulation – to be expunged out into the world in another format. Their work Antonio Bay, 2014 – which began by virtually modelling the galleries and filling them with smoke – is currently on display at South London Gallery, the culmination of their Nina Stewart Residency. Other solo exhibitions include Hyper Bole, Legion TV, London, 2014 and Jetty, James Taylor Gallery, London, 2009.

Julia Crabtree and William Evans

Jesse Darling – JD - works in sculpture, installation, text and "dasein by design", thinking about networked subjectivity and the way that structures - architectural, [bio]political, philosophical - manifest in physical and social bodies. Recent solo exhibitions include presenting a series of new sculptures in How Can It Hurt You When It Looks So Good with Arcadia_Missa at START Art Fair, London, 2014 and Not Long Now at LimaZulu, London, 2014. Recent group exhibitions include Ends Again at Supplement Gallery, London, 2014 and Snow Crash at Banner Repeater, 2014. JD is represented by Arcadia_Missa, London.

Jesse Darling

Alice Theobald produces live performance, video and installation, exploring the tension between authenticity and spectacle, form and feeling, and cliché and collective empathy, using moving image, text, spoken word, dance and music. Borrowing from the vocabulary of film, television, literature and pop music, Theobald's work circles questions of representation and manipulation – in particular with constructs of the self within private and public space, of the emotions, of language and human relations. Selected performances, exhibitions and screenings include: I’ve said yes now, that’s it., The Chisenhale Gallery Interim, 2014 and Outpost, Norwich, 2014; Foam, P/N Gallery, 2014, AFTER/HOURS/DROP/BOX, Spike Island, Bristol, 2014, Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, 2013; Young London, V22, London, 2013; and They Keep Putting Words In My Mouth! An Operetta of Sorts, Pilar Corrias, London, 2013.

Alice Theobald