15 October — 18 October 2012

Escalator Retreat 12: Space of Attention

For the twelfth Escalator retreat at Wysing, Space of Attention, ten artists, art-writers and curators explored alternative educational models and strategies.

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23 July — 28 July 2012

Artists from the Eastern region were invited to apply to take part in a research trip to Belgium and Germany for the opening of Manifesta 9, a visit to FLACC, and the opening of Documenta 13.

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8 - 28 June 2012

An exhibition of work by artists Emanuel Almborg, Sidsel Christensen, Lucienne Cole, KIMI CONRAD, Joe Crowdy, Laura Garbštienė,  Jan Peter Hammer, Matthew Noel-Tod and Ordinary Culture (formerly YH485 Press), curated by RCA MA Curating Contemporary Art students Conroy, Cicely Farrer, Ellen Greig, Juste Kostikovaite, Galit Mana, Nicholas Warner and Sophie Williamson, at French Riviera, London.

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28 May — 31 May 2012

Escalator Retreat 11:
And If It Was, It Can’t Be Is

The retreat And If It Was, It Can’t Be Is was programmed and conceptualised in collaboration with artist Mark Titchner which invited artists and curators to an exploration of 'the self' to examine its construction and deconstruction.

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