Mosaic 3DX
30 October 2013 to 31 October 2013 

Working with artist Elena Cologni the group spent six weeks making a collaborative piece to present at the two day conference event, designed to explore the use of technology in the arts.


The Sounds of Cambridge and Related Pollinations was composed of a reoccurring shape, identified in pictures of the city. The interlocking coloured hexagons also carried a line drawing of where the contributed pictures were taken.  Part of the work, which was presented alongside other projects including documentation on the Raspberry Pi collaboration, involved members of the Circuit group activating the sculptural piece.

Two of the young artists performed at the same time, each wearing hexagonal modules, with a third artist interacting and adding further shapes. It was hoped that the performances - or 'pollinations' would encourage further involvement by audience members.

To see more details about the exhibition and how the exhibition came together see here.

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