24 August — 28 August 2012

Wysing Young Artists exhibited their work in a pop-up gallery in Cambridge’s Grafton Centre as part of the Changing Spaces scheme. 

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23 July — 24 August 2012

This summer, supported by J.P. Morgan and part of Plus Tate, young artists took part in shaping and experiencing a parallel artist residency to The Mirror, Wysing’s professional artist summer residency. The residency ran 23 July – 24 August 2012 and young artists had the choice of which days to attend. Young artists had artist-led workshops, access to a studio space and the opportunity to curate an event as part of the professional residency.  

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25 October, 12pm - 4pm

Drawing Rooms and Rearranging Space - Wardrobes and Walls, Corridors and Cupboards, Corners and Curtains.

Join artist Jack Cornell for a FREE family workshop as part of the national campiagn for drawing, The Big Draw. Plus the day includes an Arts Award Supporter Session.

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