The Wysing Podcast series shares discussion, research and new work in audio and video formats.

005 Joey Holder Ophiux Research

Prior to her Ophiux exhibition, Joey Holder was an artist-in-residence with Kit Craig and Takeshi Shiomitsu in Spring 2015 as part of the Multiverse programme. During that residency Joey began conversations with scientists and artists that would go on to influence her thinking behind Ophiux. We have collected the following talks from Wysing's programme that year.

005A Marco Galardini

Computational Biologist Dr. Marco Galardini gives a presentation on alternative uses of DNA.

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005B Katrin Linse

Dr. Katrin Linse gives a presentation on Antarctic marine and deep-sea biodiversity and hydrothermal vent diversity.

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005C Emily Rosamond

Emily Rosamond presents ideas on The Umwelt and The Operational Image in response to Joey’s work.

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