Archive broadcast: NEMATODE
9 May, 2-6pm

Join us for events programmed events programmed in partnership with residency artists, and which draw out some of their research:

Saturday, 11 April, 2-6pm - Spring Residency Artists
Thursday 23 April, 6-8pm -Live Performance: Plastique Fantastique
Saturday 9 May, 2-6pm - NEMATODE

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The Multiverse Spring Residency Events

Saturday, 11 April, 2-6pm
The Multiverse Spring Residency Artists

A day of in-conversations and presentations by residency artists with contributions from invited speakers including Wysing studio artist Florian Roithmayr, Computational Biologist Marco Galardini from the European Bioinformatics Institute at the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Cambridge and Biologist Dr. Katrin Linse from the British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge.

2.05-2.40pm, Artists Kit Craig and Florian Roithmayr, both of whom work predominantly in sculpture, will discuss possible ways of comprehending a multiverse, in multiple dimensions

2.40-3.15pm, Presentation by artist Takeshi Shiomitsu

3.15-3.55pm, Computational Biologist Marco Galardini will give a presentation on alternative uses of DNA.

4.15-4.50pm, A presentation by artist Joey Holder, developed in response to the research of Marco Galardini and Dr. Katrin Linse

4.50-5.30pm, Dr. Katrin Linse will give a presentation on Antarctic marine and deep-sea biodiversity and hydrothermal vent diversity.

Thursday 23 April, 6-8pm
Live Performance: Plastique Fantastique

Plastique Fantastique will perform Urb-Fux-Glitter-Addiction, a special one hour performance in two parts with live sound and projected film. Plastique Fantastique is a collaboration between David Burrows, Alex Marzeta, Simon O’Sullivan, Vanessa Page and Harriett Scully, and is a mythopoetic fiction - an investigation of aesthetics, the sacred, popular culture and politics - produced through comics, performances, text, installations, shrines and assemblages.

Part I
How Urb-FUX-Glitter-Junky (an ALL-STAR) incubates and spreads the Virus-Junk-GLOOP – the gift-habit of Van-Damme-PLASTIC-Man (the ice-cream-maker) and his Running-RAT-Boyz-Cycle – until all (including you) are GLOOP-Blissed-Flatline or system-crashed.

Part II
How Urb-FUX-Glitter-Junky FLATLINE-sing-summons a passing comet carrying GOLD-Virus-Junk-GLOOP to Earth (an alien invasion) - flooding the planet with GLOOP-speed-POSITIVITY (the new drug simply called GOLD) – (distribution) controlled by Van-Damme-PLASTIC-Man (his plan all-a-long) – until Urb-Fux-Glitter-Junky reverse-overdoses on a mutant strain (GLOOP-speed-NEGATIVITY) - until all (including you) is backward-noise-melted – until all roads become rivers of gold - until all (including you) is GOLD-GLOOP-BLISS.


Saturday 9 May, 2-6pm

For the final event of their residencies, artists Kit Craig, Joey Holder and Takeshi Shiomitsu have devised a flexible framework through which to present ideas, works-in-progress and fragments of images, which will take place within Wysing’s gallery. Playing with the structure of a space for presentation, alongside the space itself, the gallery will become a fragmented environment within which, through a process of layering of imagery, video, film, text, spoken word and objects, the artists will give an insight into some of the research they have been focussing on during their time at Wysing. For the event, they will be joined by Electra’s Irene Revell who will present films by experimental feminist film-maker Sandra Lahire (1950-2001), with additional contributions from Canadian artist, writer and educator Emily Rosamond and the writer, critic and curator, Chris Fite-Wassilak.

NEMATODE programme

2pm Welcome by Wysing’s curator Lotte Juul Petersen

2.05pm Emily Rosamond presents ideas on The Umwelt and The Operational Image in response to Joey Holder’s work in progress*

2.45pm Irene Revell presents three films by Sandra Lahire and reads a text co-written with artist Kerstin Schroedinger in response to the three artists in residence. Further information about the films is available on The Show Room website here.

2.55pm Sandra Lahire Plutonium Blonde (15min) (film not available on the archive broadcast)

3.10pm Break with refreshments. Joey Holder filmic work*

3.30pm Chris Fite-Wassilak and Kit Craig in conversation on his work made whilst on residency

4.10pm Sandra Lahire Uranium Hex (11 min) (film not available on the archive broadcast)

4.25pm Break with refreshments. Joey Holder filmic work*

4.45pm Takeshi Shiomitsu presents a work in progress combined with a painting, slideshow and notes

5.05pm Sandra Lahire Serpent River (30 min) (film not available on the archive broadcast)

5.30pm Drinks in reception. Joey Holder filmic work*

*With thanks to Dr Katrin Linse, British Antartic Survey and Dr Marco Galardini, European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge

Archive Broadcast: The Multiverse Spring Residency Artists Event
Saturday 11 April 2-6pm

Archive Broadcast: Plastique Fantastique
Thursday 23 April 6-8pm