28 January 2015, 10.30am-5.30pm

Bringing together thinkers, artists and innovators, this day of talks, performances and workshops will explore the new ways of working that are shaping a more sustainable future for the arts and culture. Presented at Wysing in partnership with Julie's Bicycle and The Junction Cambridge.

Culture and Sustainability

The day aims to inspire debate and equip participants with new insights and practical actions, with spotlights on: working internationally, materials and suppliers, skills sharing economies, how 'green' digital technology really is, and presentations of new work from The Cambridge Junction in collaboration with Angharad Wynne-Jones.

The day will be shaped by two themes:

Rip It Up and Start Again
We will look at the environmental and social issues around where we source our materials and resources. Julie’s Bicycle will be in conversation with Laura Billings, Jane Penty and Diana Simpson Hernandez exploring a rethink on how we use materials, and the emergent 'circular' and exchange economies shaping a sustainable future for the arts and culture.

The Artist is Not in The Room
This will focus on environmentally sustainable working models that have been enabled by digital technology. Julie’s Bicycle will chair a discussion including Cambridge Junction, Angharad Wynne-Jones and Donna Lynas around these models focusing on digital collaborations, working rurally-operating globally and the pros and cons surrounding digital technology and environmental sustainability within these working models.


Throughout the day there will be performances and practical action planning workshops.

Confirmed Speakers Include:

Laura Billings: Trade School London, Civic Systems Lab

Jane Penty: Practicing designer and educator, BA Product Design, Central Saint Martins

Diana Simpson Hernandez: Designer, Golondrina Design, SustainRCA Alumn

Donna Lynas: Artistic Director, Wysing Arts Centre

Angharad Wynne-Jones: Creative Producer, Arts House, Melbourne, Australia

Daniel Brine: Director, Cambridge Junction


About the Performances

Sarah Rodigari; 'Reach out and Touch Faith'
Reach out Touch Faith is part of a body of work exploring the triangular paradigm of artist, art object and audience in relation to participatory art practice. Removing the artist from the live performance, this work focuses on the position of artist within this paradigm. Rodigari employs the notion of sympathetic magic, calling on her totemic animal, the goat, to act as a spiritual guide within this paradigm. Protected by the gallery attendant, who performs a speech on behalf of artist, the audience (8 people at a time) are invited to spend time with and stroke the goat, embracing their own sense of curiosity and spiritual ambition. In doing so they channel a deeper connection with the art object (the goat) and in turn the artist (also the goat) drawing all three points of the triangle together in a shamanic experience.

Helen Cole and Alex Bradley in collaboration with Angharad Wynne-Jones; ‘one step at a time like this’
What would you pack in your suitcase if you were 'going nowhere'? Starting in their own homes, participants explore the idea of 'nowhere', prompted by text messages, audio instructions, poetic musings and, eventually, their real-time companions on this enigmatic journey. NOWHERE is a chance to consider where we dwell and what we carry with us; a chance to share a cup of tea and 'unpack' some preconceptions. (This performance will be presented at hourly intervals throughout the day)

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