The Wysing Podcast series shares discussion, research and new work in audio and video formats.

007 Ophiux Symposium

With this symposium at Murray Edwards College, as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, Joey Holder was able to expand on the research for her Ophiux exhibition. Joey's work is always research led, but this project in particular benefited from long and fruitful interdisciplinary conversations. Some of these may have began in public, with an event at Wysing during the year of the Multiverse and with an article in Art Monthly, but have continued as less formal private exchanges during the production of the exhibition. As such, we were thrilled to offer Joey an opportunity to discuss her work with scientists, researchers and artists who have been so central to her thinking.


007A Marco Galardini

After a screening of Joey's Ophiux film, Computational Biologist Dr. Marco Galardini presented on evolution and the ways we might use it to understand differences between individuals. 

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007B Katja Novitskova

Katja Novitskova presented her work and research on the deep sea and screened her film PATTERN OF ACTIVATION (LOKI'S CASTLE).

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007C Katrin Linse

Dr Katrin Linse from the British Antarctic Survey presented on on biodiversity, phylogeography and evolution of the Antarctic marine.

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007D Panel Discussion

All of the contributors convened for a panel discussion, led by Jamie Sutcliffe of Strange Attractor Press.

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007E Jamie Sutcliffe

Jamie Sutcliffe gave a presentation responding to the exhibition, touching on pharmaceutical companies and biological science fiction.

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