15 January 2011

An alternative conference with performances, performance lectures, discussions, screenings, a book launch, and the launch of Wysing’s new project that ran throughout 2011: The Institute of Beyond.

Located in central Cambridge at The New Hall Art Collection, Murray Edwards College, and the Corpus Christi Playroom.

The Cambridge Conflab

Julie Myers, Dr Andrei Bejan, Jo Cobb and Dr Janneke Balk
Head Gardener at Murray Edwards College, Jo Cobb, led a tour of the College garden including a viewing of Julie Myers’ Flora Data, 2010*, developed in collaboration with the Departments of Computer Science and Plant Science at Cambridge University. Followed by an in-conversation.

Break for tea / coffee.

Andy Holden and Peter Holden
A factual exploration of the structure of bird’s nests and nesting behaviour by Andy Holden and his father Peter Holden; who spent 40 years working at the RSPB and has published numerous books on the subject of birds and wildlife.

Dr Heidi Radke
A diagnostic performance by Dr Heidi Radke who explained the inner structure of sculptures by Emily Rosamond, through x-rays taken at Cambridge University Vetenary Hospital. Followed by a screening of the two short films by Rosamond Object Lessons and Dry Pond, 2010*.

A reception with drinks and an opportunity to view Kettle’s Yard’s new exhibition, Lucia Nogueira: Mischief.

Mark Aerial Waller
Mark Aerial Waller’s Event for a Mille Feuille 2011 brings together patisseries, a text recital and artist John Latham’s group of works Noit Intercourses, 1960-1988.
Location: Corpus Christi Playroom, Cambridge, CB2 3PL. Suitable for adults.

During 2010 Wysing Arts Centre hosted the International Camp for Improbable Thinking. Artist Jeremy Millar produced a fictive text based on traces left by artists who were part of the Camp in a new book, launching at the Conflab. Included a break for a complimentary sandwich meal.

Sally O’Reilly with Doug Fishbone, Hayley Newman, Michelle Owoo and Bedwyr Williams
This crew of artists turned comedy writers devised scenarios and invented characters for a new radio sitcom based in the artworld. The Last of the Red Wine is a collaboratively written, improvised and directed radio sitcom in the making. |The audience was invited to join in as the group mimed comedy gold from the artworld, with all its absurdities, tragi-comedies and jokers.

Asli Çavuşoğlu & Francesco Pedraglio
Three actors performed the scripted dialogue by Çavuşoğlu and Pedraglio I have built my case on the evidence that vaporised in front of your eyes which describes inanimate or invisible objects encountered as a result of fictitious crimes. Followed by footage from Çavuşoğlu’s film (10mins).

Bedwyr Williams
A solo performance Stepping Razor, 2010* influenced by farming subcultures and agricultures, about revenge and the rural.


Fabiano Marques
A double-screen projection of the work Ridge, 2010* transformed the Corpus Christi Playroom into a pilot’s logbook to end the day.

*Denotes work developed during Wysing Arts Centre’s International Camp for Improbable Thinking, 2010.