Join us for an insight into the development of recent  artist-in residence Cally Spooner's most ambitious live project to date - a peripatetic musical premiering at Performa ’13, New York and Tate Modern, London. For two days she will be hosting open rehearsals in Wysing's gallery.

Cally Spooner: Open rehearsals

Involving 20 female singers recruited through an open call, visitors to Wysing's gallery will be able to see Cally Spooner develop the work through an open rehearsal process. This is a rare opportunity to see how Spooner collectively tests and produces new material and vocal scores. Singers will be working directly with Cally Spooner, alongside the core cast and musical director on developing the content of the work.

On Friday 11 October, 10am to 6pm, Cally Spooner will be rehearsing with the core cast.

On Saturday, 12 October,  10am to 6pm, she will be working with the singers for the first time.

Audiences are invited to drop in throughout the two days to meet Cally, find out more about the project and see the work develop. The finsihed work will be premiered at Performa '13 in New York next month before going on to be performed at Tate Modern early next year.

The work will form part of the continuing  development of And You Were Wonderful, On Stage,  a live performance originally commissioned by  the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, which presented six female voices that gossiped about current affairs, fallen heroes, unfulfilled promises, and instances of automation parading as ”liveness”, whilst lacking its qualities (changeability, direct encounter and risk), in politics, pop music, and sport.

If you are a female singer who is able to read music and want to take part in the open rehearsal, email edd@eddhobbs.com