Saturday 9 November, 2-6pm

James Beckett, Cécile B. Evans, Michael Dean, Rupert Norfolk and Seb Patane will bring their autumn residencies to a conclusion with presentations of new work and work in progress developed at Wysing.

Watch a recording of the day at Wysing's vimeo page here.

Convention T: Residency Closing Event

2pm: Introduction to the day by Wysing Curators Gareth Bell-Jones and Kathy Noble

2.10pm: Presentation - Aubrey de Grey

Cécile B Evans has been researching the work of maverick scientist and theorist Aubrey de Grey who is co-founder of the SENS Research centre, which has a research lab at the University of Cambridge. SENS is the leading international centre for research into the science of the prevention of ageing. De Grey suggests that there are seven primary types of mitochondrial ageing that lead to human decay and death; if these can be prevented, in theory it would be possible to live to a thousand years. Evans was led to de Grey’s work through her recent research into established values in culture, and the ways in which we may subvert or view them differently. De Grey will give a presentation on his theories.

2.55–3.10pm: Q & A with Aubrey de Grey, Cécile B Evans and Kathy Noble

3.10pm: Screening - The Brightness, Cécile B. Evans

Cécile B. Evans will present her new 3D film The Brightness (2013), commissioned by Push Your Art for Palais de Tokyo, which she has been making whilst at Wysing. Evans’ film begins with an interview between herself and her namesake real-life phantom limb specialist Dr. Cécile B. Evans, which is then interrupted by an animated choreography of loose teeth. The film continues Evans’ exploration of the place of emotion in society today, in particular addressing issues of loss. The Brightness was made possible through the support and commissioning of the Push Your Art Prize, Orange, and the Palais de Tokyo.

3.20–3.45pm: BREAK

3.45–4pm: Performative Talk - Michael Dean and Gareth-Bell Jones

Writing is fundamental to the way Michael Dean makes art. He always begins by jotting down texts and words, constantly accumulating different thoughts and ideas, which then form the basis for many of his sculptures. Dean has used the time and space at Wysing to focus on his writing and will present a performative lecture using some of this material.

4–4.10pm: Soundwork - Seb Patane

Whilst in residence, Seb Patane has made a series of field recordings which are particular to Wysing, such as pheasants in flight. Whilst Gustav Metzger was in residence at Wysing during the summer, Patane also collaborated with him to make a recording of a passage from the book by the experimental German theatre director, and contemporary of Bertolt Brecht, Erwin Piscator. Patane has been reading Piscator’s book The Political Theatre (1929) during his time at Wysing, with the description Piscator wrote about his ill-fitting army uniform just before going to war, particularly striking him. The correlation between Metzger’s own experiences as a German Jew who came to London as a child refugee in 1939, and Piscator’s later anti-military stance, following being drafted into the army for the First World War, inspired Patane to ask Metzger if he would read the passage for him to record.

4.10–4.20pm: In conversation - Seb Patane and Kathy Noble

4.20–4.30pm: Screening - Rupert Norfolk

Rupert Norfolk has been experimenting with different mediums in sculpture, drawing and video whilst in residence at Wysing. As a reflection of his ongoing artistic research he will present a new short video piece as a work in progress.

4.30-4.40pm: In Conversation - Rupert Norfolk and Gareth Bell-Jones

4.40–5.05pm – BREAK

5.05–5.50pm: Presentation - James Beckett, A History of Anaesthesia

James Beckett has been researching the history of dentistry in relation to a future publication he is working on. In this talk, Beckett will trace the history of anaesthesia, interweaving the different methods used with the autobiography of the key figures working in this area. He will present a “museum” of the historical tools and materials, using examples kindly loaded by the Association of Anesthetists in London.

5.50–6pm: In Conversation - James Beckett and Gareth Bell-Jones