Saturday 23 March, 2-8pm

A day of talks, screenings and live performances to accompany the exhibition Relatively Absolute.

2pm Welcome and chance to see the exhibition Relatively Absolute, which closes on 24 March, with new work by Luke Abbott, Salvatore Arancio, Ed Atkins, Jonathan Baldock, Edwin Burdis, Patrick Coyle, Nicolas Deshayes, Jess Flood-Paddock, Emma Hart, Nilsson Pflugfelder, Flora Parrott, Philomene Pirecki, Elizabeth Price and Stuart Whipps.

2.30pm Patrick Coyle will perform a new work reflecting on his experience as Wysing’s 2012 writer in residence.

3pm Victoria Camblin, writer, editor of 032c magazine (Berlin) and a doctoral candidate at the University of Cambridge, interviews Dr Cecile B. Evans, an American phantom limb and pain specialist, in a screened conversation.

3.30pm Short Break with refreshments available.

3.45pm Screening of Stephen Malinowski's Ricercar a 6 (from J. S. Bach's Musical Offering) constructed using Music Animation Machine, software Malinowski first developed in 1985 to allow for the visualisation of musical structure.

3.55pm A recorded reading by Gertrude Stein of her modernist novel The Making of Americans; a novel that includes frequent meta-fictional meditations on the process of writing the text, that periodically overtake the main narrative.

4pm Dr. Anil K Biltoo, Head of Languages School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), will talk about fictional languages and on the creation of languages in the movies, with a focus on Anthony Burgess as a linguist and creator of Nadsat in A Clockwork Orange.

4.30pm A reading from the late 1980’s Gothic Italian fanzine Nero with musical accompaniment of instrumental tracks from the album Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age by Broadcast and The Focus group.

4.45pm Break with refreshments available.

5.15pm A performative reading of recent work by Stewart Home.

5.45pm Writer Alice Butler will talk about experimental literature and in particular Sparraw's Kneecaps, an unpublished manuscript from 1974 found by Elizabeth Price in a junk market, followed by a discussion with Elizabeth Price and Stewart Home.

6.30pm Short Break with food and drink available

6.45pm A curated film programme featuring: Boomerang, 1974 by Richard Serra with Nancy Holt, hip hop producer Araabmuzik, Doris Lessing and In My Language by Amanda Baggs, 2007.

7pm Launch of James Beckett’s new publication Works of James Beckett with Constant Interjections by Frank Key featuring a performative talk by James Beckett and Frank Key.

7.45pm Closing Drinks.

A television tuned to 24hr news station Al Jazeera (English). Muted with subtitles to run for the duration.

This event is FREE. It is seated and will take place predominantly in Wysing's Gallery and nearby Open Studio. There will be a cafe operating during the event; selling sandwiches, teas and coffees.