AMPlify is an alternative learning programme for artists aged 18 to 25 years to test new approaches and ideas through workshops and talks, whilst also having time to develop their own work. AMPlify 2020-21 took place entirely online and explored explore how digital tools and games can be used to create and explore future visions of the world.

The 10 artists selected for AMPlify were: Lauren Clifford-Keane, Kelly Emelle, Jules Fennell, Poppy Jones-Little, Lucie MacGregor, Rosemary Moss, Alexis Parinas, Johanna Saunderson, Oliver Warren and Frances Whorrall-Campbell.

To read a PDF of their full biographies, click here.

The participating artists were supported by contributing and mentoring artists Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley,
Anna Bunting-Branch and Robin Buckley (rkss) and mentoring artists Laura Fox and
Harold Offeh.

To read a PDF of the contributing artists full biographies, click here.

During the AMPlify Residency, participating artists:

- had access to some of the most exciting contemporary artists working today who have experience in teaching.

- participated in mentoring opportunities.

- developed ideas and created new work to showcase through the WysingBroadcasts.Art online platform.

- developed knowledge of contemporary art practice with a focus on digital media and games.

- met and experimented with peers in a supportive environment.

- had the opportunity to work towards a Gold Arts Award.