Episdoes of TRANSMISSIONS are broadcast at 9pm on Wednesdays and 10am on Fridays. Episodes may contain mature content.

Access information: The Transmissions chatbox will feature on both the TRANSMISSIONS website and the Wysing Broadcasts website. Viewers of the subtitled stream and the main stream will be able to easily chat together. Please note if you watch the subtitled stream directly on Twitch, the main chat will not appear.

TRANSMISSIONS returns for Season 2 comprising eight episodes with contributions from BBZ TV, Juliet Jacques, Ignota Books, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Kat Anderson, Plastique Fantastique, Legacy Russell and many others!

Season 2 of TRANSMISSIONS will run as eight weekly episodes screening every Wednesday at 9 pm BST and repeated on Friday at 9 am BST on Twitch. The 1st episode will air on 9th of September 2020. Each artist included in TRANSMISSIONS is paid a fee in return for their contribution. In some instances, artists have waived their fees in order to donate the money to a charity of their choice. With a sense of community, all the money used to pay artists in season 2 has been kindly donated by established art institutions and commercially stable artists.  

Episode 1 | 9 September | 9PM BST
REPLAY | 11 September | 10AM BST
Kat Anderson: Bad Man Nuh Flee

Episode 2 | 16 September | 9PM BST
REPLAY | 18 September | 10AM BST 
Plastique Fantastique Communiqué: 
Beware Mars with Earth in Ascendance

W/ Plastique Fantastique / Arianne Churchman & 
Benedict Drew / Christopher Kirubi / Gentle Stranger 

Episode 3 | 23 September | 9PM BST
REPLAY | 25 September | 10AM BST 
Juliet Jacques: Spectres of Socialism

W/ Bill Morrison / Colin Newman / Deimantas Narkevičius /
The Duvet Brothers / Erica Scourti / Igor & Gleb Aleinikov  /
Jasmina Cibic / John Smith / Kerry Tribe / 
Octavio Cortázar / Oleksiy Radynski  / R W Paul /
Santiago Álvarez

Episode 4 | 30 September | 9PM BST
REPLAY |  2 October May | 10AM BST 
Lawrence Abu Hamdan

W/ Maryam Jafri / Maan Abu Taleb & Others

Episode 5 | 7 October | 9PM BST
REPLAY |  9 October | 10AM BST
BBZ TV: Past, Present and Future

Episode 6 | 14 October | 9PM BST
REPLAY |  16 October | 10AM BST 
Ignota Books: Deep Deep Dream

Episode 7 | 21 October | 9PM BST
REPLAY |  23 October | 10AM BST
Curated by Anne Duffau, Hana Noorali and Tai Shani

W/ Anaïs Duplan / Carolyn Lazard  / Hardeep Pandhal / Imran Perretta / Jordan Lord / Sung Tieu / Tabita Rezaire / Lloyd Corporation / Rehana Zaman / Isabel Waidner & Others

Episode 8 | 28 October | 9PM BST

REPLAY |  30 October | 10AM BST
GLITCHED NARRATIVES curated by Legacy Russell
W/ Georgie Grace, Tony Cokes & Others

TRANSMISSIONS was established and is programmed by Anne Duffau, Hana Noorali and Tai Shani. 

Season 2 is funded and supported by BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Chisenhale Gallery, DACS, Grazer Kunstverein, Matt's Gallery, Studio Oscar Murillo, Netwerk Aalst, Somerset House Studios and Wysing Arts Centre. 

Image: Adam Sinclair.

Production Director: Lori E Allen
Production Associate: Mika Lapid
Trailer: Adam Sinclair 
Music: Maxwell Sterling