1 to 31 May

Trace: to find something or someone that was lost

New Geographies and the East Contemporary Visual Arts Network (ECVAN) are delighted to announce Tracing the East, a series of digital events and new audio-visual content that reflect on the traces of New Geographies.

Tracing the East

New Geographies is a three year project which invited the public to nominate locations for ten site-specific art works across the East of England. 11 artists were commissioned to make ambitious new works. The commissioned artists were: Maria Anastassiou, David Blandy, Marcus Coates, Leah Millar, Cooking Sections, Ian Giles, Krijn de Koning, susan pui san lok, Studio Morison, Stuart Whipps and Laura Wilson. Each artist has worked closely on the realisation of their work with one of the New Geographies partner institutions.

Over the month of May 2020, Tracing the East will be an opportunity to come together with the artists and ECVAN to experience some of the works that were produced and discuss and reflect on three key themes that emerged from the ten commissions: Population, Landscape and History.

Tracing the East will include: ten podcasts, five films, one soundscape, one audio walk and a live online game. There will also be two live performances and three live panel discussions discussing themes of Population, Landscape, and History. 

From 1 May 2020, material will be available to listen, browse and enjoy via the New Geographies website, here:

- The first 4 episodes from our series of podcasts from Studio Morison, Ian Giles, David Blandy & Maria Anastassiou
- Ian Giles’ Open Ramble East walking maps
- An audio walk by Cooking Sections, Moveable Estates, 2020
- Four films: David Blandy, The World After, 2019, Laura Wilson, Deepening, 2020, Stuart Whipps, Necessary Amendments: Homes for the People, 2019, Maria Anastassiou, Way My It Did I, 2019
- A poem by Mervyn Linford, The World After, 2019 

Three live panel discussions will take place on Zoom on 4 May, 14 May and 28 May. In order to view live, you will need to book before the event via Eventbrite. Please follow the link below the event. Instructions for connecting to the discussion via Zoom will be emailed to you before the event.

Online Panel Discussions

4 May, 6–7pm

Discussing the changing communities of the East in relation to the LGBTQ+ community, immigration and population change, how do communities adapt and respond to change? With Maria Anastassiou, Ian Giles, moderated by Dr Amy Tobin, Curator of Exhibitions at Kettle’s Yard.

14 May, 6–7pm

From local to global, the effects of climate change in the landscape of the region is addressed through storytelling with David Blandy, Studio Morison (Heather), Cooking Sections, moderated by publisher, writer and curator, Sarah Shin.

28 May, 6–7pm
How can the past that inform our future? The use of symbols and references to histories, storytelling and myths – with Laura Wilson, susan pui san lok, Marcus Coates, Leah Millar, Krijn de Koning, moderated by independent Curator, Kate Phillimore.

David Blandy's The World After live role-playing game on Twitch
Saturday 16 May, 1–4pm

Join us on Twitch to watch David Blandy and 6 participants play The World After table top role-playing game live. The game is part of the exhibition originally commissioned by New Geographies and Focial Point Gallery.

Studio Morison Performance:
20 May, 6–6.30pm

Reconfigured quarantine version of MOTHER-SHIP - a performance presenting a mythic reading of MOTHER... as transformational vessel through a dancer’s characterisation of the ‘guardian’, with Sam Amos and Jacken Elswyth.


Please get in touch with us to let us know if there is something you need to be able to participate in our events. For example: transcriptions, subtitles, audio description, or short breaks.