The Department of Wrong Answers was the first of three Departments within the Institute of Beyond. For six weeks, artists Rob Filby, Francesco Pedraglio & Laure Prouvost, Giles Round and Cally Spooner worked in residence at Wysing.


The Department of Wrong Answers

Artists in residence and public events 14 February –1 April 2011
Gallery presentation 1-17 April


For The Department of Wrong Answers, artists Rob Filby, Laure Prouvost & Francesco Pedraglio, Giles Round and Cally Spooner worked in residence at Wysing exploring ideas around the theme.

A series of public events informed the development of work, which was presented in a gallery exhibition at the end of the residency.

The Department was the first in the Institute of Beyond's series of residencies, followed by The Department of Psychedelic Studies and The Department of Overlooked Histories.  An exhibition, The Starry Rubric Set, brought together work from all of the Departments at the end of the year.


26 February, 2-4pm Jan Verwoert, writer and art critic, leads a discussion on the concept of wrong answers.

9 March, 6-8pm *A discussion, chaired by Dr Wendy Pullan, Senior Lecturer in the History and Philosophy of Architecture at Cambridge University, exploring ideas of space, confinement and borders with artists, Ansuman Biswas and Céline Condorelli. Organised by artist, curator and writer Sonya Dyer.

17 March, 6-8pm A presentation by Dr Philip Barnard, of the Medical Research Council’s Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge. Dr Barnard’s research explores how memory, attention, language, body states and emotion work together in the normal healthy, human mind.

19 March, 2-5pm An afternoon of artists’ talks, workshops and events presented by the Department of Wrong Answers.