Artists taking part in an educational research programme using the Raspberry Pi computer will discuss their experiences of working with the innovative technology.
Wysing Arts Centre is collaborating with the Crucible network at the University of Cambridge on Defining Pi, a project intended to test the potential of the affordable Raspberry Pi hardware and spread understanding in coding.

Raspberry Pi: Cambridge Festival of Ideas

As part of the University of Cambridge’s Festival of Ideas, on 26 October, two of the five artists selected for the programme will explain how they have been using Raspberry Pi and using new tools making music, generating video and other creative projects.

The free event, which takes place between 12 noon and 1.30pm, will also feature a brief talk from Wysing curator Gareth Bell-Jones. It is being led by Dr Sam Aaron, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory Research Associate, Live Coder, Raspberry Pi Hacker and creator of the Sonic Pi.

Dr Aaron, who ran a Raspberry Pi workshop during Wysing’s annual festival of art and music, has also been supporting the artists involved in the project: Richard Healy, Kate Owens, Rob Smith, Chooc Ly Tan and Dan Tombs.

The Raspberry Pi was developed in Cambridge as a charitable open source venture aimed at giving young people affordable equipment to develop programming skills.

To book a place at the talk, email cfi@admin.cam.ac.uk or click here.