Tuesday 30 May, 5.30 - 7.30pm
ELAN Studio, Mill Park, just off Station Road, Cambridge

Aid & Abet (Artists Sarah Evans and David Kefford) invite you to participate in a workshop that explores the relationship between two things - discovering the new narratives that arise when you place one thing against another.

Circuit Social: ELAN

By keeping it simple there is an opportunity to scrutinize how things shift when you introduce one element to another. Aid & Abet want you to join them to play and experiment with the creative possibilities.
The session will work back and forth between drawing/collage and animation. 
In collage there will be a focus on overlapping, joining and attaching to make new compositions. In animation simple loop cycles will be made through drawn animations and stop motion animations made with collages, drawings and found objects.

Circuit Art Socials are relaxed events with free food and drink. You can take part in a free artist-led activity or just hang out in a creative space with friends.

For more information email circuit@wysingartscentre.org or call 01954 718881

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