Beverley Carruthers is a multimedia artist exploring transitional moments in women’s lives and how they are navigated through ritual and performance.

Beverley Carruthers

The importance of ritual and the interconnection between ancient and contemporary womanhood is explored through photography, generative text, sound art, performance, and film.

The work often considers these moments from an experiential and non-clinical position, and is generated through collaborative workshops, allowing time for the imagination to mingle with first-hand experience. Frequently fighting against perceived wisdom, pushing against something or raising awareness of subjects that go unheard, are misunderstood or seen as unnecessary. Specially considering the experience of menopause and female ageing.

Often the work is site specific, be that the site of the museum, the tumultuous Icelandic landscape, or the intertidal space of Two Tree Island, these spaces become additional characters in the plot line. The relationship with these spaces and collaborations with participants and other artists are developed over time returning repeatedly over long periods of term. The work responding and reacting to the space it is created within.