Sophie Hill

I work across a range of disciplines as part of an expanded painting practice. I interpret my lived experiences into playful, expressive and experimental process-driven pieces that describe, challenge and explore my perspective on the world around me. Sometimes absurd, always inquisitive, my paintings have taken on the form of an alter-ego, installations, dens, animations, and projected paintings. The works call on painting as a tradition, building layers of visual and textual references to create images that aim to entertain and engage attention.

I work with opposites like chaos and order, incorporating accidents and deliberate intentions into visually textured pieces that embrace different technologies to explore telling stories through images. Developing techniques and processes, mastering ideas and skills or more often, failing to do so, a process indebted to Dadaism and Neo-Dadaism.


Ideas that preoccupy me include balancing my roles in life, particularly those defining me as a woman in the 21st Century. Exploring my relationship with my own body and with the world around me, I seek to visualise the limits and rules imposed by my upbringing, society’s expectations, instinct vs personal desire. With the changing nature of these roles I am combining ideas around how to be a woman in a more introspective series of paintings that look to visualise the internal mental schema/maps of information I carry within me as a result of my experiences. Using the shapes, colours and forms that are left behind as references in paintings that are pushing the edges of their boundaries.

Some stuff can be seen at: www.sophiechill.co.uk