Working with paint, found objects, installation and digital media, Manning collects and document objects, marks and sounds that contain memories of the past.

Georgina Manning

Interested in the way in which we relate to one another and the world around us through shared experiences with everyday objects and spaces. Exploring aspects of identity; motherhood, womanhood, dyslexia, mental health and the human condition, her research begins by exploring the world around her, visiting different spaces and rediscovering spaces that are already familiar.

Intrigued by the unknown history of a place, she imagines the endless possibilities of what may have happened in these spaces and considers the forgotten traces of our past by searching for the subtle, ephemeral marks we leave on our environment, such as a chip in the paintwork or a footprint in mud. These impressions represent human contact, and by recording and treasuring them Manning aims to give the importance of our slightest actions and thoughts a greater level of attention.

By collecting these marks, she creates a timeline of the forgotten traces in our past and a connection to those who were here before and those who will follow. Working to construct a metaphor for our passage through life, the common experiences and emotions that connect us.

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