To accompany the exhibition The Influence of Furniture on Love, being held in Wysing's C17th farmhouse, we have invited three artists to host dinners that will bring some of the conversation that takes place in farmhouse during artists' residencies and retreats into the public realm. The dinners will take place in Wysing's gallery and there will also be an opportunity to visit the exhibition during the evening.

Artist led Dinners

Saturday 11 October, 6-9pm
£20 per person, booking essential

Artists Ruth Beale and Giles Round will host a dinner of local artisanal produce alongside dishes made from seasonal and foraged ingredients. The dinner will take place in Wysing's gallery, amongst the contents of the farmhouse removed for the exhibition. Interventions will include salon discussion topics with each course and a reading by artist Anna Barham of John Maynard Keynes' essay Can we consume our surplus or the influence of furniture on love. King's College Cambridge have given us special permission to have this unpublished essay read aloud.

The evening will begin with tea served in Wysing's farmhouse at 6pm, followed by dinner in the gallery.

Giles Round is the co-curator of our current exhibition The Infleunce of Furniture on Love. Artist Ruth Beale has been running Miss B's Salons since 2008, roundtable discussion events that blur the boundary between public conversation and intimacy, formality and informality. Past events have included haircutting, play recitals, drawing workshops and giant books.

Please note: This dinner is now fully booked.

Saturday 1 November, 6-9pm
£20 per person, booking essential

Artist Philomene Pirecki will host a dinner themed around the colours black and white. Beginning with all white food, through to combinations of white and black, the dinner will culminate with an all black dessert. A selection of readings, screenings, and sound related to perception and colour will accompany the evening.

Philomene Pirecki’s practice includes painting, photography, drawing, slide projections, sculpture and text. She has contributed the works White Wall, Wysing Arts Centre farmhouse (14:26, 14:39, 14:18, 14:29, daylight, 9-8-14), 2014, Emulsion and acrylic paints, machine mixed and mixed by eye, 2.3m X 5.5m and Reflecting Studio White Wall, daylight, 15:43, 14-6-14 (2nd Generation), 2014, Colour C-type photograph to the exhibition The Influence of Furniture on Love.

Please note: This dinner is now fully booked.