14 December, 5.30-8pm
Modern Art Oxford and online

To bring our current residencies to a close we will be broadcasting from Wysing to Modern Art Oxford as part of their event Basement. TV, new digital platform for performance, music and film at Modern Art Oxford. The inaugural edition of Basement.TV is themed on Imagined Futures to accompany the exhibition Love is Enough. Imagined Futures will be broadcast in front of a studio audience, live from the Basement at Modern Art Oxford


Building on conversations and experiments that have evolved over their six weeks together at Wysing, residency artists Olivier Castel, Julia Crabtree & William Evans, Jesse Darling and Alice Theobald, will workshop the live feed as installation, streaming in from the rural environs of Wysing. The installation is built in and around the interstices in the artists' respective ways of working, where mediation meets authenticity and the cinematic meets theatrical (in digital): an open space where anything might happen - or nothing at all.

The schedule also includes:

- A documentary film about the making of Love is Enough, featuring Jeremy Deller.
-Short visions of the future from academics at the Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford.
-Goshka Macuga’s film Preparatory Notes for a Chicago Performance
-Performance of The Roadless Trip by Sarah Woods
-Live music from guest DJ Keith Harrison

The event can be accessed in person at Modern Art Oxford or online via thisistomorrow