Lawrence Epps

Lawrence Epps creates sculpture to explore the experience of the individual within corporate culture.  Often his work uses industrial extrusion – a process which requires relentless and repetitive pressure - to metaphorically mirror many of his ideas about corporate pressure and workplace conformity.  Making sculpture in this way, together with the low status, dirty and tactile material of clay allows him to work on large as well as small scales.

It is England’s industrial ceramic heritage – with its once endless production lines, specialised technology and remarkable output that provides many of his ideas regarding process.

As well as exhibiting in traditional gallery environments, interventions in public spaces are an important area of Lawrence’s practice and he is a founder member of the Sykey Art Collective – a group committed to making public statements through art.  




Since graduating in Ceramics from Westminster University in 2011 Lawrence has exhibited in galleries, museums and sculpture parks in the United Kingdom and United States. Lawrence also won the Fresh Award at the 2011 British Ceramics Biennial and has recently returned from a residency at SundayMorning@EKWC in the Netherlands.