10 June to 2 July
Sat & Sun 12 - 6pm

 xero, kline and coma, 258 Hackney Rd, London, E2 7SJ

Closing Event with live performance:
Sunday 2 July - 2pm

"The Gothic Quarter I imagine is shadowy is hardly even there compared to the Barri Gotic that is paved with flags and cobbles and those narrow streets are slaked with water from morning, evaporating with the heat of the day. But the imagined Gothic Quarter is with me and follows me through other streets in other countries at times is preferable to the absent 
The absent memory is insufferable because it’s insufferable because there is enough of it to realise that its content is absent. Cobbled and called on occasion with whatever there is to hand: a whiff of aftershave, that one, the one worn by whoever it is that happens to walk by; the heat; cracked paint on a door, perhaps not that one, perhaps a door from the main entrance of some other
I have nursed the Gothic Quarter dressed it in different clothes handled it and studied it, emphasised the qualities that resonated most, strengthening the image, recognising less and less the difference between the Gothic Quarter I have forged and the material presence of the city’s district." 

Commissioned by Wysing Arts Centre with funding from Arts Council England