Arti et Amicitiae, Sonic Acts Festival
1 February to 26 February 

Joey Holder presents a new iteration of Ophiux at Amsterdam's Sonic Acts Festival. The work was developed at Wysing as part of the Multiverse residency programme and was developed into an exhibition in autumn 2016.

Running from 1 to 26 February at Arti et Amicitiae, the exhibition features artworks and installations by emerging artists such as Joey Holder, Justin Bennett, Pinar Yoldas and Zach Blas. The artworks and installations reflect on how climate change, the Anthropocene, rapid technological advances and post-contemporary anxiety affect society, politics and the human body; they speculate on the future of humanity with science fiction scenarios, amorphous blobs, biological evolution, biometric governmentality, queerness, Artificial Intelligences and synthetic biology. The exhibition will be officially opened on 1 February.

More information here.