The Curve, Barbican
20-28 January

London-based investigative arts organisation Siobhan Davies Dance premiere an ambitious new installation comprised of multiple pieces by choreographers, visual artists, scientists and designers, including Wysing studio artist Emma Smith. Exploring how the body feels when in the act of doing, the installation includes live performance, film projection and objects that are presented as an ever-changing arrangement. 

Each of the works draws upon the library and practices of the art historian Aby Warburg, who collected diverse images of gestures from different times and places and positioned them side-by-side to reveal previously-hidden relationships. As they interrogate the fascinating relationship between mind and body the artists create new works including choreography exploring lost movements from the past, interactive structures examining the postures of an argument and a series of hanging mobiles inspired by Albrecht Dürer’s Melancholia. The works appear within a large-scale architecture, which is built-up, dismantled and rearranged, creating new pathways and drawing visitors into a journey of discovery. 

This exciting work features choreographers Andrea Buckley, Siobhan Davies, Helka Kaski, Charlie Morrissey, Efrosini Protopapa, and Matthias Sperling; visual artists Jeremy Millar, Emma Smith, and design duo Glithero (Tim Simpson and Sarah van Gameren). 

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and support from Cockayne – Grants for the Arts and The London Community Foundation

Presented in collaboration with Tramway.

In association with The Warburg Institute, School of Advanced Study, University of London.