14 July to 22 August

The second Leverhulme Arts Scholars Summer School at Wysing Arts Centre with Scholars Isobel Adderley, Charlotte Barlow, Alexander Barrett, Gabriella Beckhurst, Alexandra Clark, Letty Clarke, Stefano Cozzi, Maisie Dolan, Vivian Ezugha, Andy Gomez, Beth Kettel, James Parkinson, Faye Spencer, Tommy Ting and Jade Wilford.

Leverhulme Arts Scholars Summer School

The Leverhulme Arts Scholars Summer School offers an opportunity to work alongside other artists and peers to critique, discuss and develop your own art practice and make new work with the opportunity for a public presentation. The programme also offers opportunities for discussion, research field-trips and gallery visits to develop a wider understanding of the contemporary visual arts ecology of galleries and ways to exhibit work. Leverhulme Arts Scholars will also have access to Wysing’s 25th anniversary thematic Futurecamp events programme.

The Summer School offers:

• A six week programme with workshops, mentoring sessions and talks. Artists and contributors invited to work with the Leverhulme Arts Scholars in 2014 include scientist Dr. Mete Atature, artist collective Am Nuden Da, and artists Mat Jenner, Florian Roithmayr,  Emma Smith, Mark Aerial Waller and Caroline Wendling.,
• Sessions will also be led by artists taking part in the Futurecamp residency and events programme, including Bonnie Camplin, Ahmet Öğüt, David Raymond Conroy and James Richards.

The Summer School also includes:

• Sessions introducing the themes of Futurecamp; Wysing’s 2014 residency and events programme by curators Gareth Bell-Jones, Kathy Noble and Lotte Juul Petersen.
• Research field trips and gallery visits in the area.
• Opportunities to informally meet and interact with studio artists and visiting artists.
• Opportunities to curate a public event.
• Opportunities for public presentation of your work.
• Opportunities to undertake and complete Silver or Gold Arts Award.

Please note the Summer School does not include meals and accommodation. Successful applicants will be able to apply for bursaries to assist with travel and accommodation costs.

Key Dates:

A large shared studio space will be available over the whole period (Monday to Friday 9.30am -5.30pm) and each artist will book studio time to suit their schedule of work. The only compulsory dates are the introductory workshops but we would hope that everyone attend as many events as possible in order to create a discursive community that will benefit everyone.

Focus Areas:

Weeks  1 & 2  Getting Started
Weeks  3 & 4  Making Work
Weeks  5 & 6  Going Public

Week 1   Compulsory introductory Sessions
Mon 14 July  10am - 4pm   
Tuesday 15 July 10am - 12.30pm 
Wednesday 16 July  10am - 12.30pm
Thursday 17 July 10am - 12.30pm
Friday 18 July   10am - 4pm  

Weekly artist -led workshops and artist talks take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Thursday 21 August: Summer School Public Presentation at Wysing Arts Centre

The Leverhulme Arts Scholars 2014 are  -

Isobel Adderley
Charlotte Barlow
Alexander Barrett
Gabriella Beckhurst
Alexandra Clark
Letty Clarke
Stefano Cozzi
Maisie Dolan
Vivian Ezugha
Andy Gomez
Beth Kettel
James Parkinson
Faye Spencer
Tommy Ting
Jade Wilford