Friday 11 July, 8.30-10.30pm

Join us for an Outdoor Film Evening in Cambourne.

Free Entry - all welcome. The screening will take place in the empty plot next to The Hub on the High Street. Click here to see a map.

The Way to Cambournia - Outdoor Film Evening

About the film:

The Way to Cambournia

The Circuit group is currently collaborating with artist Rebecca Birch on The Way to Cambournia, a film made in Cambourne. The making of the film involves a series of interventions, requiring cooperation and encouraging contribution from the Cambourne community. The film will be screened at an outdoor evening event in July 2014 in Cambourne and will include performance, food, and live music.

Circuit have spent five weeks exploring Cambourne through mapping and engaging local residents in conversations, and have noticed and been thinking about thresholds in the town - for example between new urban spaces and existing countryside or between public and private spaces. Circuit are interested in the surreal nature of this new town that hasn’t yet had time to evolve and grow, and has instead been created by planners. We noticed many blank spaces for which narratives have yet to be made.

This curiosity about Cambourne led the group to decide to make a film about living in the town and through the filming process they aim to explore creative ways of making contact with residents.