June and July

During June and July Korean potter Hyumin Shin, curator Jina Lee and designer Jungyou Choi, will be in-residence as part of a project developed with Grizedale Arts.

We have been working with Grizedale Arts as part of a UK Korea residency exchange which saw UK artists Aaron Angell and Mark Essen visit Korea in April of 2018. 

During the trip they met Master potter Gyung-kyun Shin, black bamboo master Seonhui Choe, and chef Gae-hwa Lim, who have been working with UK designer/maker Tom Philipson and Grizedale Arts on developing products that can be made 'in common ownership'.

The product designs will be further evolved into a ‘family’ of products at Wysing by Jungyou Choi, Jina Lee and Hyunmin Shin, during a residency at Wysing in June and July. 

The UK-Korea residency exchange is funded by Arts Council Korea (ARKO) and Arts Council of England. 

Jungyou Choi graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Through her practice, she dissolves her language into her design. She designs sensually using materials familiar to the hand. It has formed in a variety of products, such as objects that emphasizing processes of experiments, objects that modernize traditional materials, objects used in everyday life. They are in simple forms, but they want to convey emotions through color or texture. As she has been interested in daily life and localities, she was able to participate projects in India, Nepal, Namibia, and Vietnam for several years. Then she left to Lausanne, Switzerland in 2015 and returned with the Master degree of Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship at the ECAL(Lausanne University of the Arts). She is working as an independent designer and has been carrying out diverse projects, lecturing and expanding her boundaries.

Jina Lee majored in exhibition design, folklore, and curating. Some of the exhibitions she has curated include Flower Letters, Depicting Today (Gallery Cott, 2006), the two shows Born as Tree, Live as Man and Trees with Expressions (Mokin Museum, 2007), and Cartoon World (Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, 2012). She was in charge of the Cheolsan-dong Project of Art in City 2006; the Mokin Museum’s Craft: Form on Life exhibition at the 2007 Cheongju International Craft Biennale; the Korean Cultural Center UK’s Media Landscape, Zone East exhibition at the 2010 Liverpool Biennale; and the 2011 Seoul Photo Festival. She has also coordinated international exhibitions of the 4th Anyang Public Art Project(2013-2014); Korean design and craft projects of Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation(2015-2017); Southeast Asian design exhibition of Gwangju Design Biennale(2017). She has been working for Grizedale Arts since 2014; The Nuisance of Landscape (Abbot Hall, 2014); The Politics of Craft: After Ford 151(Glasgow School of Art, 2015); A Fair Land (Museum of Modern Art Ireland, 2016).

Hyunmin Shin is the 3rd generation potter from Janganyo which is a famous pottery family based on Gijang (Busan), South of Korea. He was naturally brought up to be a potter living in the pottery family, and started working in Janganyo since 16years old. His father, Master potter Mr. Gyung Kyun Shin incorporates his own modern interpretation as he utilizes the same traditional techniques inherited from his father, famed ceramicist Jung Hee Shin, who recreated Goryeo ceramics in the 1960s and 1970s. Traveling through the mountains in the southern part of Korea, Mr. Shin has expanded the breadth of his pieces using the clay and wood unique to the area. Enduring the heat as the clay transforms into unique masterpieces, Shin’s ceramics radiate traditional beauty with a contemporary touch as they come out of the wood-fired kiln, a true display of Korea’s natural beauty. Delicate and stylish yet practical, Shin’s ceramics is the perfect bridge between traditional art and modern living. Hyunmin Shin participated in Master potter Gyung-Kyun Shin’s exhibition in UNESCO in France, 2014 and has been carrying on the philosophy and will of his famaily.