March, June and September

Formerly Called (Tamar Clarke-Brown, Ibrahim Cissé, Atum Farah, Cédric Fauq, Georgia Lucas-Going, Elijah Maja, Olu Ogunnaike, Cindy Sissokho, Kefiloe Siwisa, Dominique White and others) will meet at Wysing across three retreats to reinforce their existing network of People of Colour operating within the visual arts.

Formed as a working-group in 2016, Formerly Called was a project devised for the London branch of the Northern Winter Workshops, initiated by artists Dorine van Meel and Nelmarie du Preez with the support of curator Rachael Harlow, prefiguring the Southern Summer School – a public program which took place at BAK, Utrecht (17.02 – 24.02.2017).

The Southern Summer School (SSS) / The Northern Winter Workshops (NWW) were collective projects that brought together art practitioners and cultural workers based in South Africa, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, around questions of decolonisation, art, and social justice.

In order to address London’s local context Formerly Called was formed by curators and art producers Cédric Fauq and Ibrahim Cissé. They have held three meetings at the South London Gallery, which were semi-public events including People of Colour not only operating within the visual arts but also the fashion industry, music and design.