July and August

Anna McMahon and Salote Tawale will research and develop new UK networks, including accessing collections of Fijian cultural objects held in Cambridge University Museums and developing a podcast series through interviews on gender, race, post-colonial theory, queerness, family, and food. 

Anna McMahon currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Working site-specifically, McMahon's installations explore ways in which space can be prepared, occupied, contested, altered & changed over time. Using organic plant matter she re-examines through her own queer experience the architecture of significant moments in her life. McMahon is the recipient of the 2017 Parramatta City Council Creative Fellowship and 2016 Freedman Foundation Travelling Art Scholarship. 

Salote Tawale currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Cultural identity is a central focus in her research. The inherent conflict of being from a mixed heritage (Fiji and Australia) that simultaneously includes, and excludes, Tawale from a dominant postcolonial narrative of contemporary Australia is a significant consideration in her practice. Tawale is the recipient of the 2017 Arts New South Wales Fellowship, and the 2016 Sainsbury Sculpture award that supported her residency at the Banff Center, Canada.