August, November and December

Rachael Rosen will be working with a small team of coders and performers, including Henry Rodrick, to develop a performance and playable archive for pOrtals; an ongoing collaborative world building and storytelling exercise.  

Rachael Rosen Ltd Ed. is a transmedia artist from the UK who makes use of sound environments and possible play spaces to explore the fissure between author/ reader and online/offline environments.

Rosen is known for her atmospheric live sound collage, as well as her ongoing project pOrtals, a world-building and storytelling exercise, which began in 2014 and has included collaborative output with Quantum Natives and Werkflow. She presents HYPHEN, a monthly one-hour radio show of sound and commentary exploring the grey matter between games-music-art-literature for CAMP, a residency programme and online radio initiated by the founders of FUSE Arts Space, Bradford.

She has recently been an artist in residence at Rupert, Vilnius LT (2017); performed commissioned work at Issue Project Room, New York (2017), New Forms Festival, Vancouver (2016), and the ICA, London (2015); and presented work created during residency at The Banff Centre as part of group show, Vaporents at VOIDOID Archive, Glasgow (2016). 

Henry Rodrick, a Swedish computer programmer and DJ based in North London. He studied Computer Science at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and electroacoustic music at EMS (the centre for Swedish electroacoustic music and sound-art). Before relocating to London, he spent several years connecting the dots between electronic dance music and experimental sounds on the Stockholm club scene.

He has previously released music on labels such as Studio Barnhus, done a live mix live for Rinse FM, and is currently developing software systems for unconventional DJing and sound art, such as http://sourceofsomecertainty.com, a collaboration with Corinna Triantafyllidis, which was performed New River Studios in London earlier this year.