Throughout 2018 we will host artists in-residence working across a range of practices who will be developing new work within an atmosphere of collaboration.

Artists will be working from Wysing over multiple visits across the year, and many will be bringing an existing group or peer network with them. Others will be using the opportunity to convene a new group, or to be in-residence with their children.

The selected artists work across a range of media and disciplines including visual art, writing, choreography, dance, music and sound, and in their work address issues such as family, disability, race and racism, gender, identity and sexuality. The artists will be travelling to Wysing from across the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia. 

Cover image: Joe Moran, 'Arrangement'. Photo: David Edwards

2018 Residencies Part Two (alphabetical M-Z)

The 2018 artists in-residence are:

Camae Ayewa, aka Moor Mother.
Leah Clements with Rebecca Bligh, Uma Breakdown, Elena Colman, Alice Hattrick and Lizzy Rose.
Phoebe Collings James and Last Yearz Interesting Negro/Jamila Johnson-Small.
Brandon Covington Sam-Sumara, aka N-Prolenta.
Julia Crabtree & William Evans.
Formerly Called (Ibrahim Cissé , Atum Farah, Cédric Fauq, Georgia Lucas-Going, Elijah Maja, Olu Ogunnaike, Cindy Sissokho, Kefiloe Siwisa, Dominique White and others).
Anna McMahon and Salote Tawale.
Joe Moran and collaborators.
Sonic Cyberfeminisms (Annie Goh, Marlo De Lara, Jane Frances Dunlop, Natalie Hyacinth, Miranda Iossifidis, Frances Morgan, Shanti Suki Osman and Marie Thompson).
Tessa Norton and family.
Nastja Säde Rönkkö and family.
Rachael Rosen and collaborators.
Tito Valery.
Liv Wynter and collaborators.

Joe Moran will work with dancers and dramaturges to develop a body of research traversing expanded choreography, discourse and form conceived in a spirit of urgency, collectivity and self-definition. 

Tessa Norton and family will be in-residence during which Norton will explore how the experience of parenthood has changed her perception of time, and the implications that this renewed perspective has for thinking about art. Norton works primarily with text and events, incorporating humour, theory and parody. 

Nastja Säde Rönkkö and family will be in-residence during which Rönkkö will be developing an ambitious new project to be realised in 2018. Rönkkö’s residency has been supported by Frame Finland, HIAP and The Finnish Institute in London.

Rachael Rosen, working with a small team of coders and performers including Henry Rodrick, will develop a performance and playable archive for pOrtals; an ongoing collaborative world building and storytelling exercise.

Sonic Cyberfeminisms (Annie Goh, Marlo De Lara, Jane Frances Dunlop, Natalie Hyacinth, Miranda Iossifidis, Frances Morgan, Shanti Suki Osman and Marie Thompson) will develop a series of podcasts, broadcasts and a zine.

We are pleased to welcome Tito Valery as an artist-in-residence this month. To arrange his residency, we worked in collaboration with the Artists at Risk network to enable Valery to temporarily leave Cameroon.

Liv Wynter will work with a script writer and stage hand to develop a new installation and performance piece. Wynter is a founding member of WHEREISANAMENDIETA and stands in solidarity with Sisters Uncut, London Anti Raids, Action for Trans Health, and grassroots organisation fighting austerity and oppression.