Big Screen Southend
15 October to 8 January

Joey Holder and William Evans & Julia Crabtree present work developed while on residencies at Wysing at Big Screen Southend (Focal Point Gallery). Big Screen Southend runs an ongoing programme of artist films to coincide with a quarterly artist commission led by Focal Point Gallery.

To coincide with 'Exhibition for Go-Getters', the first major solo exhibition in the UK for Austrian artist Torsten Slama, a series of 6 moving image works are presented on Big Screen Southend at the centre of Elmer Square. 

'A Retreat in Time' 
15 October 2016 to 8 January 2017 

Alison Ballance 
Julia Crabtree and William Evans 
Joey Holder 
Sean Lavelle 
Peter Simpson 
Rafal Zajko 

In Critters, 2015, a work developed by Julia Crabtree and William Evans during their residency at Wysing late last year, an object struggles to animate itself within a landscape that couldn’t be further from the green pastures of rural Cambridgeshire. Taking its form from historic radio telescopes located at the University of Cambridge’s Department of Astronomy, the object has been relocated onto the surface of an unknown planet, one that the object’s antecedents may have at one time tried to contact.

Joey Holder's PROTEUS, 2015–ongoing, uses footage recorded from an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) deep at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean (provided by Katrin Linse, British Antarctic Survey) where a strange landscape of 'Black Smokers' (underwater volcanoes) and completely unique ecosystems are found. Flashing across the screen like a heads up display are genetic charts, which map the data of the creatures.