The Architecture Gallery, RIBA  
22 September 2016 to 5 February 2017

Wysing has had a long relationship with artist Giles Round and we are excited to be working with him on a major new commission for the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in London

Through extensive research of RIBA's archive, Round has created an exhibition for the Architecture Gallery that focuses attention on one of the most familiar and unavoidable architectural features of the city: the façade. 

Inspired by the work of a wide-range of architects represented in the RIBA’s world-class architectural collections, in the exhibition Round investigates the increasing tension between the static exterior and changing interior of the architecture around  us, highlighting the aesthetic qualities of façades in their original conception, and the subsequent contemporary use and reuse of these buildings.

Original works of iconic façades by Berthold Lubetkin, Venturi Scott Brown and Jane Drew feature in the exhibition alongside representation and re-appropriation of façades from other architectural periods with unique graphic qualities from Greek Revival and Art Nouveau, to modern and postmodern architecture.

A key component of the exhibition is the transformation of the gallery into a production studio. Here, façades from a ‘stylebook’ compiled from RIBA’s collections, are applied to architectural sculptures that mimic the structure of buildings. Over the course of the exhibition period these will form an installation recognisable to visitors as an assembly of façades – a new city scape. The sculptures will be for sale in the gallery during the exhibition period.

Lotte Juul Petersen, Artists & Programmes Curator at Wysing, has worked with Giles, and Corinne Mynatt and Colin Sterling at RIBA, on the exhibition.

For further information visit RIBA's website, here.