The Syllabus Artists Residency
Guest Projects, London
3-9 June 2016

The Syllabus artists from 2015/16 have been invited to take up residence at Guest Projects, London from 3 - 9 June. Featuring Simon Bayliss, Noel Clueit, Susie Green, Mathew Parkin, Rory Pilgrim, Jessica Sarah Rinland, Tom Salt, Lucy Steggals, Tom Varley and Rafal Zajko. 

The Syllabus artists at Guest Projects

The artists are nearing the end of their particpation in the first year of The Syllabus and have developed new collaborations and opportunities across the past year. They will use the gallery space at Guest Projects to work, research, explore, present, screen, invite, perform new work and test out new ideas. 

For further details on opening times and events, please see updates on the Guest Projects website here

The artists will be returning to Wysing Arts Centre on 17 June for their final retreat as part of The Syllabus 2015/16.

Syllabus II has now been anounced and you can see the selected artists in our press release here.