26 - 28 May, Huntly, Scotland
White Wood Forum
Art and Sustainability: Joseph Beuys and Beyond

Wysing studio artist, Caroline Wendling, and Artists and Programmes, Curator Lotte Juul Petersen, are both contributing to symposium The White Wood Forum organised by Deveron Arts and Caroline Wendling.

White Wood Forum

The White Wood Forum is a continuation of thinking about art and ecology, began by Joseph Beuys whose practice both literally - using acorns from his 7000 Oaks - and conceptually sowed the seeds for The White Wood. As a living monument to peace, created by the people of Huntly, the wood will grow and change as the oaks mature over the next 300 years. Working as an artist, pacifist and environmentalist, Beuys' work acts as a confluence between social and cultural perspectives of sustainability: local and global understandings and lived practices around the world.

Focusing on the nexus between art, peace and ecology the White Wood Forum will ask how art can be in harmony with the key principles of sustainability, including next to ecology - social justice, grass roots democracy and non-violence. By bringing together people from arts, anthropology, ecology, politics, peacemaking and locality, The White Wood Forum will ask how we can foster a culture of complexity, an art and a community that impacts the future, to the benefit of generations to come.

A wide range of contributors will be taking part in the forum. For more information, click here.